Apples and Oranges

In my last post I described Kurt Cardinal Koch’s invitation for Jews to join Catholics in a “pilgrim fellowship in reconciliation and hope.” I like the fact that the Cardinal is issuing such invitations. But if it were up to me (and it is not), I would decline the Cardinal’s invitation on the terms he offered.  As I see it, there is a problem with the “fellowship” offered by Cardinal Koch, one that is not easy to describe. This problem might be put in terms of apples and oranges.

You know the expression “apples and oranges”? When we speak of apples and oranges, we’re talking about things we find hard to compare, because the things are not the same sort of … thing. If you want an orange, then an apple just won’t cut it. In place of the orange, you might be willing to accept a tangerine or a grapefruit, but not an apple! The apple is just too different – it’s not the same sort of thing at all as an orange. At least, that’s the logic behind the expression.

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