The Jesus Stomp (Part 1: Is Christianity at Stake?)

imagesSometimes I think I’ve picked an easy job, writing about Jewish-Christian dialog. Jews and Christians do talk these days, and often when we do, the conversation is polite. Moreover, we can at least agree in general terms about what divides us: there’s Christianity on one side, and Judaism on the other. We may be talking across a religious border, but at least we can put a name on that border.

Many of the borders that divide us seem more difficult to negotiate. Consider the story reported by Fox News last month: “Professor Makes Students ‘Stomp on Jesus’”. The story became a national controversy for a few weeks, with people taking sides in a way that felt predictable. It should have been easy to write a post on this controversy … but it wasn’t. The closer I looked at this story, the less I understood what was going on. So I decided to approach this story the way I approach interfaith issues … as a question of how we should talk across those borders that divide us.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s look more closely at the story.

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