“Clobber Verses”

imagesIn my last post, I addressed my concern about Jesus being dragged into the debate concerning same-sex marriage, LGBTQ rights and so-called “Religious Freedom Restoration Acts.” That was a difficult piece to write. This piece is more difficult still: here I’ll confront Biblical pronouncements concerning same-sex relations.

You can find roughly 20 Bible provisions cited here and there to condemn same-sex relations. Most discussion is focused on a handful of these provisions (sometimes four, sometimes six, sometimes eight). These provisions are divided about equally between the Old Testament and the New Testament. Some refer to these verses as the “clobber verses,” because they’ve been used by some to attack (“clobber”) people who belong to or defend the LGBTQ community.

This post is not intended to be the last word on this topic. Far from it. There’s been a great deal written on this subject, much of it very good (in my opinion). If you click the hyperlinks in this post, you’ll find some sites I like quite a bit. I’ll name three sites that have become personal favorites: Susan Cottrell’s FreedHearts blog, the resources available at the Gay Christian Network, and the site for the Jewish organization Keshet.

In this post, I’ll restrict my comments to a single clobber verse, Leviticus 20:13.

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