Where Am I?

downloadMiss me?

I feel like one of those cartoon characters who has been hit on the head by an anvil falling from a great height, and ends up with stars orbiting a bump on the head the size of a test tube. I was hit by a work project that I figured would take a week and took six instead. I doubt you want to hear the details, but my routine has been pretty much (1) wake up, (2) go to computer, (3) feel exhaustion set in 18 hours later, and (4) go to sleep. There’s some food thrown in between (2) and (3), but otherwise this is pretty much life as I’ve known it. Yucch.

Factor in that my wife is scheduled for a teaching gig in China for two weeks, and we’re trying to learn enough Chinese to amuse our hosts and embarrass ourselves (mission accomplished!). Plus we’ve have a few other crises involving struggling not-for-profits, and a civil war that’s broken out in the neighborhood. Where does the time go?

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