IMG_0530I will try to keep this short. I’ve read here that this is not the time for straight white people to write pieces about Sunday’s mass murder in Orlando. I’ve also been told that LGBTQ allies need to speak out. I think that both pieces of advice are sound, and I want to respect them both.

Much of the religious reaction to the Orlando mass murder speaks in terms of prayer, and love. That’s good, for a start. It just can’t end there. A friend put it to me this way. He believes in prayer. If his kid falls off the roof, my friend will pray. But he’ll call 911 first. I think the same way. If my kid has fallen off the roof (or is playing on the roof, or is climbing up a ladder to the roof) and all I do is pray and love, there’s something seriously wrong with me. Ditto if that’s my reaction to your kid on the roof. Or anyone’s kid.

The LGBTQ community is in danger. It is the target of more hate crime in the U.S. than any other community we can identify. If those of us who call ourselves religious offer this community nothing more than prayer and professions of love, then there’s something seriously wrong with us.

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