I Wrote a Book

CoverI wrote a book.

Technically speaking, I wrote half a book. My co-author is that esteemable rouser of rabble, Anthony Le Donne. Anthony is Christian and I am Jewish, and we share a love of talking that often exceeds our love of listening. When our conversation gets going, the interruptions fly faster than at a Chris Matthews interview, assuming Chris is late for a train.

The book is titled Sacred Dissonance: The Blessing of Difference in Jewish-Christian Dialogue. The heart of the book contains paired chapters on single subjects, like the Holocaust, and Jewish-Christian borders. Anthony wrote one chapter, and I wrote the other, and each chapter pair is followed by a transcribed discussion between the two of us on the chapter subject. So, the book is about Jewish-Christian dialogue, and it features Jewish-Christian dialogue. The kids would call this “meta.”

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