License Plate Bingo

IMG_0523When you look at this license plate, what do you think? What does it mean? How does it come to be?

Answers after the break.

When I first saw this plate, I asked myself whether people in Kentucky can ask for their religious affiliation to be added to their license plates. That made no sense to me, so I figured maybe this driver taped a “Christian” sticker over some Kentucky slogan (“The grass is blue-er over our side of the fence?”).

I’m sure most of you figured it out, but I had to look it up. Kentucky license plates contain the name of the county where the plate was issued. This driver lives in Christian County, Kentucky.

Granted, it’s a little weird that a county is named “Christian County.” There are at least three such counties, in Kentucky, Illinois and Missouri. There was once a small Jewish community in Christian County, Kentucky. I don’t know how they felt about their license plates.

As best as I can tell, there is no “Jewish County” anywhere in the U.S. Google finds the idea so ridiculous, it changes the search to “Jewish Country.”

Curious what y’all thought when you saw the license plate above.

  • My first thought when seeing the plate: Find out more before reacting. Which if I had to give one piece of advice to all the folks out there on the internet-webs, it would probably be that.

    • Well, yes. Sure. But our initial reactions are telling, in part because they’re so often proven wrong, and in part because they say something about us that we can learn from.

      • Of course self-awareness is key, I fully agree. I’m talking about the phenomenon of people just going with their first reaction without any real thought or investigation. It might seem like much ado to bring this up for something as trivial as a license plate. But that same habituated lack of critical thought is what enables a Trump candidacy.

  • msl613

    Well this is probably not what you expected, but my initial reaction was to see an inversion of WTF! Seriously, I didn’t even see that it said “Christian” until I got into reading what you wrote. What does that say about me? 🙂