No Proselytizing

This site is intended as a place for interfaith dialog. By “interfaith”, I mean all religious faiths, as well as the faith to live without faith (better known as “atheism”). All are welcome here, with the one caveat that this site has rules governing what I think is appropriate for interfaith dialog.

Rule number one is this: no proselytizing.  By this I mean: you may not post comments here in an overt attempt to convert another to your religion. If you do, I will strike your comment.

No problem if your intent here is to represent your religion so well that people may become interested in it. You’re welcome to “be a light unto the nations.” The rule here is against overt efforts at proselytizing.

Please do not misunderstand. There’s a distinction between proselytism and evangelism. There’s no rule here against relaying information about your religion, so long as you do so in the context of whatever discussion we might be having.

Yes, yes. I get that from a certain perspective, proselytizing is a form of evangelizing. It’s OK here to do the latter, so long as you don’t do the former.

Here’s advice for close cases: first, it’s good to state “I believe” before saying anything too evangelistic. If you think something is truth, try stating “I believe” that so-and-so is true. Second, try not to get personal. It’s fine to make statements about yourself (“I believe”), but not about the other guy (“I believe that you …”). If you have a problem with a position taken by someone else, focus on the position (“I think that the position you’ve taken here is problematic because …”) and not the person advocating the position. Finally, the more forceful an argument you wish to post, the more polite you should try to be.

I hope that this makes common sense. If we conduct ourselves here in a polite and respectful way, the experience should be meaningful for us all.